Our Champions

Chase (Ch Jacquet's Chasin My Dream) was born June 23, 2000.  His father is the famous Ch Jacquet's Ruddyard who can be found throughout many of the top boxer publications.  Chase was shown at numerous shows throughout the Southeast and Southwest.  He finished, and became a Champion, at the 2002 Houston Reliant summer show where he received his last major win.  Chase is the father of many of the puppies on our website and sired our Champions, Callie and Daniel.

Callie (Ch Sabos Sweet Sensation) was born in March 2003. She is the sister to Daniel from a repeat breeding of our two champions, Chase and Lulu.   She's a beautiful little girl who started in the show ring with her trainer/handler (Bob) where she took some best puppy shows in both class and group placement.  With her handler, Lori McClain, Callie is now a proud champion. 


Daniel (Ch Sabos Champagne Blessing)was born January 2, 2002.  As a puppy, he had a lot of pampering from his mother, Lulu, along with that from Sandy (his owner)...perhaps more from Sandy!  Here he is as a champion with his handler, Clint Livingston

Daniel's first wins were back-to-back majors at the Houston Reliant Shows in July 2002 when he was only seven months old.  Several wins later, with some best of breeds for good measure, his handler Clint Livingston finished him at 11 months of age.  Daniel is now a 4 year old spoiled big boy, champion and all.


Ch Suncrest's Crystal Ball (Lulu) was born March 3, 1999.  We've raised her from a puppy and showed her throughout the Southeast.  She finished in the Winter of 2000 in the Florida Classic.  She's a wonderful mother with a great personality.  Her daddy is Ch Holly Lane's Baccarat Teohlin. Her mother is Ch. Suncrest's Crystal.   She is now the most senior boxer in our family, since our "grandpa dog" Boswell went to doggy heaven this past Fall.  Lulu is the mother of Daniel, Lexus, Callie and the other puppies currently on our website. 

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